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I firmly hold that anyone who has the privilege of a high quality education should be involved in taking those benefits and spreading them more widely. After all, not everyone gets to study at tertiary education and yet plenty of people would like to learn some of the things that are traditionally only accessed through university-level learning. The internet, even more than the printing press, changes that. This blog is my way of contributing to the popularisation of all that I have the gift to study.

This blog is not comprehensive in what it covers but it does offer a unique mix of physics and mathematics, philosophy, health, nutrition, fitness and bits and pieces from here and there. You may find it helpful in getting a new perspective on some concept you learnt, or help finishing homework. Maybe you like refining your ideas by seeing another viewpoint. Maybe you want to get fit, lose weight or be the healthiest you can be! Or maybe, like a lot of people, you want some combination of all of these. This blog is for you.

Begin by clicking on one of the areas along the header bar to see content in the area you are interested in or go straight to "All posts" to see a mix of posts in chronological order.

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About me

I am an undergraduate student at the University of Queensland studying a dual-degree Bachelor of Science/Bachelor of Arts majoring in physics, mathematics and philosophy. I have a passion for pushing myself mentally and physically to whatever limits I have, and the physical limit I like to test is how well I can swim breaststroke.

If there is something you think I might know a thing or two about, but I have never written about it, feel free to send a topic-request to me via email. Alternatively, something may be crucially missing, false, misleading or unclear on some particular post of mine, so be liberal in criticism in the comment section. Finally, and this applies particularly to maths and physics, I always find problems to be exciting and challenging, so if you need something solved and I have the time, I am happy to help out where possible.

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